Sunday, April 8, 2012

There's a dance we all dance when getting into the relationship tango (*cough* tangle); and I can definitely say this is one part of the dance number that I do not like.

It's the whole - am-I-bugging-him-by-talking-to-him-all-the-time-but-I-really-like-him-but-really-does-he-like-me? I guess if he wasn't interested he wouldn't reply. But than again, because he doesn't ask any questions I wonder if he's interested. But he's a guy, so he's thinking that I'm doing just fine with me asking questions and me filling in my own answers for questions that could have been answered. Oy vay!!! See what I mean????

As a woman, I think along the lines of relationship, the depth and breadth of it, and personally it drives me absolutely insane!!

But I have to come up for air sometime right? I have to inhale, exhale and let go, and swim away into the vast life ocean.

I'm trying to swim, not drown. 

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