Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last year had such purpose and vision and this year, well, I'm stumbling a bit. Jesus, give me a vision and a purpose as to what I should do, how I should grow, what I should say. Thank You!

Monday, November 14, 2011

This year I will climb mountains, swim rivers, and stroll across hilltops
So another year has come and gone. A new year is upon me, and I can't help but see this year as a Big Year (birding terminology), the Great Adventure. This year I want to see how many mountains (metaphorically, speaking) I can conqueror, how many rivers I can swim, how many hilltops I can stroll. I want to push the limits of Life and see to what lenghts I can go. I want to pursue my Beloved in all of this; I want to be able to see His face in the surface of this Grand Adventure, to see where He is taking me in Our Love Story. This will truly be an intriguing year!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another revelational moment: I make excuses to my Jesus. Why in the world am I getting away with this? He lets me walk all over Him. He waits for me in the morning to spend time with Him, and as I lay in bed, I make excuses to myself not to get out. If I made excuses to actual people, people I can see, here and touch, I'd get into serious trouble. Hey you, why were you late for work? Oh it took me forever getting out of bed. If anything, I should be accountable to Him first and foremost, but often times (most times), I am accountable to Him last. This is not good, folks!!! If I am not accountable to my God, how can I be accountable to my husband, or my children? At the moment, I am getting by with "enough" accountablility to those around me. But truthfully, is "enough" good enough? No. I need to do better. Beloved, help me in this area!! Amen