Thursday, September 22, 2011

I find myself liking a particular guy, and as I ponder how I should deal with these thoughts and emotions, I am in need of godly counsel, but I find myself at a lost. Every woman I know who'd I'd regularly go to have the attitude of snap the finger, swivel the hip and, "you need to be all over that guy" finger shaking. There is no encouragement of "wait on Jesus" or a verse of sustainance given that draws me closer into my Jesus' embrace. Actually, I've come to this realization several times. There is no woman around me who is sitting beside the Fountain of Living Water, sitting and drinking deep of Him, satisfied in His presence, willing to be drawn closer into His embrace. I know not of any older single women who are content to wait on His leading, and whose desires are fulfilled in Him. I know we are broken people, but I am finding broken people who are looking for healing in the wrong place. I want to get married but only in the correct context - marriage is a ministry, an opportunity to come closer to Jesus, to be more like Him.

So in my disappointment of not knowing any satsified older single women, I turn to my Beloved even more so. Is this ironic? Is this divinely led? Is it providence? I don't know, but I am realizing this needs to be a part of my testimony, the story of my being single and being satisfied, of being sustained in this desert, of being planted beside the Waters. And I am finding in this particular journey, beauty. There are key verses that I am being drawn to, drawn to take hold of as I commune with my Beloved, parts of His Love Letter to me. They are breath-takingly beautiful. Thank goodness, He is still leading me, and I am still learning. Amen.