Saturday, August 27, 2011

I haven't thought about the full ramifications of it until now, but my Jesus has always led me professionally. Every job I have worked has been divinely directed to my attention, placed in my path or given to ma wide open door. Every job. I realize just how powerfully testifying that is to me! I came to an understanding of this unique leading only a few years ago, when I worked in South Korea. I had been placed there, and when I tried to stay longer than His intended time for me, the door promply shut. It was the first time I noticed His hand in this particular aspect of my life.

I've worked three jobs within my first year after graduate school. I wasn't looking for these jobs, even during the time I worked all of them at once (October was the overlapping month). I can now see His ultimate, and powerful leading in directing me to my MA degree, and to each job specifically. I have grown mountains in my time with Him; connecting with others in whose paths He placed me, as well as placing others in my path to know Him even more.

All of this is humbling. I am thankful He has brought this to my attention. Here is a history (a long one) of His every Faithfullness. What a blessing! What a hope!

I ponder and I reflect because another job has been placed before me yet again, and the uniqueness of how it was placed before me causes me to wonder. I realize I am becoming satisifed in my current job, and am truly being blessed through the work and through my coworkers. I am satisfied and when I thought about moving, I was startled to realize that I don't want to move. But now, as I reflect how my Jesus has moved me according to His will, I must see if this is His intention for me. I know He will place me where I am needed, and where I need to know Him more. I go where He wants me.

Friday, August 26, 2011

One thing that I love about my Jesus is that He is faithful, He is patient and His mercy is new everyday. I was reminded of this last night. I had been stumbling along for the last few months, disillusioned, in the pit of self-loathing (after a manner), and just confused, and last night, I called out, Make it simple for me, cut it down, throw away the access, simplify it!

I haven't been having heart to heart conversions with Him for awhile; I was focusing on the by-products of my relationship with Him. Accomplishing in eating better, loving better, focusing on my other half, focusing on understanding His promises, just not talking to Him, or focusing on Him. I realize now, I was reading a lot of other books, and not strictly, His Word. I was reading other books that were about His Word, but it wasn't enough; I was slowly starving. All I need is His Word and His Spirit to direct my life. He has led me through tremendous mountains just through these Two.

Great truths He has shown me just through These Two. In the books I read, I see that others have come to these Truths, and they write about their journey, and share the truth, but I need to walk my own journey with my Beloved, and share my testimony by living my life within Him. It may never be required of me to write a book about this journey, I just need to live it out.

Even here, in this space, this is a testimony. In the paragraphs above, this is Divinely Led. These throughts were not present last night as He brought me back to His Basics. Look at Paul, Peter and John, the key writers of the NT, they had nothing but His Word (OT) and His Spirit (Acts 1:5,8), and look what they produced? More of His Word, and more of His Truths. They had a close initimate relationship through these two simple but powerful channels. 

So I praise Him!! For He is truly my Shepherd, and I lack nothing. He has caused me to lie in green pastures, and leads me beside quiet waters, refreshing my soul. He guides me along the right paths
for his name’s sake. And when I walked through this dark valley of confusion, I knew He was right beside me, and did not despair because I knew He would bring me out of my confusion.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

I am humbled. I've been reading through Gary Thomas' Sacred Marriage, and I am really wrapping my brain around his presentation of a holy marriage and not necessarily a happy marriage. Read the book, it'll get your head gears moving.