Saturday, August 27, 2011

I haven't thought about the full ramifications of it until now, but my Jesus has always led me professionally. Every job I have worked has been divinely directed to my attention, placed in my path or given to ma wide open door. Every job. I realize just how powerfully testifying that is to me! I came to an understanding of this unique leading only a few years ago, when I worked in South Korea. I had been placed there, and when I tried to stay longer than His intended time for me, the door promply shut. It was the first time I noticed His hand in this particular aspect of my life.

I've worked three jobs within my first year after graduate school. I wasn't looking for these jobs, even during the time I worked all of them at once (October was the overlapping month). I can now see His ultimate, and powerful leading in directing me to my MA degree, and to each job specifically. I have grown mountains in my time with Him; connecting with others in whose paths He placed me, as well as placing others in my path to know Him even more.

All of this is humbling. I am thankful He has brought this to my attention. Here is a history (a long one) of His every Faithfullness. What a blessing! What a hope!

I ponder and I reflect because another job has been placed before me yet again, and the uniqueness of how it was placed before me causes me to wonder. I realize I am becoming satisifed in my current job, and am truly being blessed through the work and through my coworkers. I am satisfied and when I thought about moving, I was startled to realize that I don't want to move. But now, as I reflect how my Jesus has moved me according to His will, I must see if this is His intention for me. I know He will place me where I am needed, and where I need to know Him more. I go where He wants me.

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