Sunday, July 24, 2016

at the end of the day

i will praise the lord, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me - ps 16:7

At the end of the day, if you've been plugged into the world happenings, the night holds a disconcerting hold on the soul. As I prep for bed, I'm troubled by what I've seen and what I've read. It's more than troubling, it is disturbing. Violence, injustice, ignorance and just about every negative thing under the sun. But what I find particularly annoying is the distinct thread of voices who see the despair and simply say, "Lord Jesus, come." I am uncomfortable with that phrase.

But why is that? First, to quote a saint of the land, "nothing is new under the sun." As you delve into history, humanity has danced this grotesque dance since it partook of a fruit. Every generation has called upon God in light of this. Second, I believe we are here in eternity. How we live now dictates the course of our path. It's not a perfect living, but it is a constant striving towards understanding the mystery of the gospel in this time and space.

Fourthly, the phrase can sometime imply a level of disconnect from the people in these horrendous situations. I think it also implies a level of helplessness. We feel helpless to help and/or ill at ease to interact with traumatized people. In retrospect, I could disconnect from all this information. I can avoid social media, unfollow people (and I do sometimes). The reason I don't leave is because I need to understand what I behold in my lifetime. I need to understand the disparity but also see the hope. The world is trying to make a better place. They're struggling with equality for all people and somewhere in the juggling there is Father, Son & Spirit.

Just some thoughts. Amen. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

leaning in another direction

I've been enriched knowing a particular individual who has challenged and prodded my thinking about equality for women in and outside the Church. The more I've delved into the topic and have become informed, the more I begin to see how lacking there is female equality in the Church. Lack of equality from ordination for women to the sexuality of women. A lot of this reaction is based on this particular podcast.

Years ago, I would have agreed with this woman's view. But this whole drive for purity is a by-product of a relationship with God. If individuals in the church were more concerned with getting the message out and looking at each person as a possible vessal regardless of the task, they wouldn't be looking at the sex, age, race of the person. If we search for equality between men and women, sex wouldn't be an issue, respect wouldn't be an issue, love wouldn't be an issue. After listening to this podcast, I've come to realize my view has changed. Thank God.