Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another revelational moment: I make excuses to my Jesus. Why in the world am I getting away with this? He lets me walk all over Him. He waits for me in the morning to spend time with Him, and as I lay in bed, I make excuses to myself not to get out. If I made excuses to actual people, people I can see, here and touch, I'd get into serious trouble. Hey you, why were you late for work? Oh it took me forever getting out of bed. If anything, I should be accountable to Him first and foremost, but often times (most times), I am accountable to Him last. This is not good, folks!!! If I am not accountable to my God, how can I be accountable to my husband, or my children? At the moment, I am getting by with "enough" accountablility to those around me. But truthfully, is "enough" good enough? No. I need to do better. Beloved, help me in this area!! Amen

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