Thursday, April 19, 2012

Everyday, as I strive in communion with You, Beloved, I uplift my heart into Your hands. I give into Your keeping my heart but also my thoughts, my wishes, my desires. Although these wishes and desires are similar to Yours, they are not parallel because I am a fallible creator, who, if given free reign, will try to accomplish these items on her own and fail miserably. You've given me the wonderful gift of free will, and I cannot help myself but to return that gift to You, the One who loved me into existence.

Yesterday, Jesus, You revealed to me Isaiah 53:11, telling me that I am the labour of Your soul and that You are satisfied with me. You are wholeheartedly satisfied in me, and You are teaching me to be wholeheartedly satisfied in You.

As I give into Your keeping this guy situation, I am minutely reminded of what You are teaching me. For example, as I wait in anticipation for an email, a form of reaching out, I am reminded that You wait in anticipation for me to reach out to You. I find it amazing, as I reflect, that by waiting for him, I am waiting for You. Prayer and thoughtful interaction with him reflects back onto You. Beloved, I am humbled by Your minute attention to these details and throughout the day remind me of Your thoughts towards me. Amen!

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