Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So many thoughts are running through my head this morning; "abiding in His presence", " walking in His presence" walking on Sacred Ground throughout the day", are just to name a few.

Jesus, what is going on?! Something is going on in the supernatural realm that's filtering down to me, because I have never been so connected to You in the last two weeks. It is magnificently amazing! I've never prayed so much, never been so much at peace, never been so blessed, never been so imbued by the Spirit - it's been one massive spiritual gift after another. But it's not about the gift, or the blessing or even the peace, it's been about living in Your presence; it's been about waiting in Your presence - waiting in the context of my life's co-pilot.

But I don't feel like I am waiting, that's the truly astounding part. Any time the old woman within reaches out with her snarly fingers, Spirit, You are there to remind me of my weakness, of my insufficiencies, of my infancy. This constant remembrance causes me to renew and continue the Words You give me that affirm Your presence. Holy Spirit, as I wait on You, You fill me! Thank You! Amen!

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