Wednesday, April 18, 2012

There is a reason for everything under the sun. However, not all reason is divulged at the moment of the happening. Only the Father knows, why situations, circumstances, happenings unfold the way they do, and it is perhaps months or years before the reason behind how and why it unfolds the way it does is revealed.

I am a very analytical person, and by the grace of God, Jesus has moulded that analytical self back to reflect on Him through prayer. In this particular situation I find myself in, I am always asking why - why is the communication happening in this form? Why is my impatience being tried and whittled down? Why is he this way? Why, why and more whys! But it's not just the whys, but how I am responding in this situation. I haven't jumped in whole-heartedly, but am praying. I am praying. I Am Praying. PRAYING! This is the first guy situation I've consciously prayed in, and I am praying because I don't know. I am praying because my previous guy interested interactions have been destructive. I am praying because my Beloved Jesus is the only one who can intervene, intercede, build and mend. I am called to pray, to be silent and know He is God!! But the thing is, He's asking me to pray!

My Constant Companion is directing me to lift up my voice to Him in praise and petition in this particular guy situation. Knowing this moves me, flows me back into the Heart of my Creator and there is something charmingly graceful about how He handles me. Yes, He handles me, because I am a woman, delicate and fierce, and I love how He handles my heart with utmost sweet gentleness which in turn binds me to His Heart, draws me yearningly into His presence to His side. Amen!!

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