Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A cautiously praying man is an individual who knows who he is in Christ. He is a Christ-focused man, and because he strives to become what he beholds, he will pursue the mind of Christ, and to do that requires an attitude of cautiousness and thoughtful prayer because he desires to know the mind of his Best Friend, his Creator, and his Savior.

 Beloved, You’ve led me into the presence of such a man, and I am profoundly humbled by this revelation. I am not concerned with marriage, or what I might get from these encounters, but I exceedingly glad that I have the opportunity to become friends with such a man as this, a man who thoughtfully seeks Your face each day. Here is my brother, a friend who willingly shares His daily encounters with You. I thank You for this tremendous blessing of just knowing this individual. Amen!

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