Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What is trust? I am having a very metaphysical moment and contemplating the aspect of trust. I explicitly trust my heavenly Father but it is something that has had to be challenged repeatedly over time. However, what is the importance of trust in any human relationship? Trust between a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, parent and child, friend and friend, etc. Why is it needed? How does it play out in the grand gesture of our lives? Can trust be faked? Why is it that it takes time to build but seconds to break? Is accountability part of trust? When we don't trust what happens to ourselves? Is something lost when we refuse to trust? Is trust a part of faith? Is it similar or even identical? Is trust a one way street? What does trust do to our humanity, to our individuality? Does God trust us? I know for sure many have difficulty trusting God.

Although I am rather lost about this idea of trust, and a bit confused, one thing I know for sure about trust broken - it is a painful experience. Anyways, away I go with my contemplation of trust.   

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