Friday, July 20, 2012

I've never experienced this sensation of longing - where the entirety of me, my very spirit longs to reach out and be entirely enveloped by another - another's spirit who longs after the entirety of me. It's like the core of me is shifting, trying to move, trying reach up and step out of my bones. I long for him. There is this longing to know, to know in completeness. This, of course, causes me to pause and reflect on the aspect of longing found in my Creator. The only thing I can relate to in context to this aspect of longing is, well, "yada" - to know in Hebrew. To "know" as the Son knows the Father, and/or as a man knows a woman - a level of intimacy only comparable by the relationship shared by the Trinity. 

That I can feel longing after such a long absence of any emotional feeling, is quite a beautiful revelation. What will this longing change and transform into? 

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