Thursday, July 19, 2012

I am now officially apart of the team "we", although I have already been thinking along the lines of "us" for some time now. We weren't officially bf/gf until this morning, right at midnight. Okay, I admit I was already referring to him as my boyfriend, but how else was I to cut down the time of explaining to friends and family why we weren't official yet? Everything is happening at warp speed factor, but speed seems entirely irrelevant in our situation. It's like we're in our own time bubble, and we're having a heyday of trying to explain it to people around us. I'm having a heyday with self-analysis, but ironically enough, so is he. Half the time I am laughing at the pure irony of the situation. I like to laugh, by the way, but so does he! This is all together a hilarious encounter of sorts. Amen. 

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