Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I want it to be different this time around. I don't want any hoopla. I don't want any immaturity. I want lots of laughter and honesty. I want a little flirting. I want lots of face time. I want us to be us to each other's hearts. I want a best friend. I want to be excited with him on whatever quest we partake in. I want to pray with him. I want to see the little boy in him. I want him to see the little girl in me. I want to share Jesus with him in my own way and I want him to share Jesus with me in his own way. I want to be wooed. I want to love him as I have been loved by my Beloved. I want to know his every flaw and yet still love and respect him. Jesus, unless you build this relationship, we build in vain and unless You guard this relationship, we continue on in vain (Psalms 127:1). Amen. 

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