Friday, June 22, 2012

In rare moments, I will look into the mirror and a child stares back. I know that "man-child" has been coined for men, but I have yet to hear it for women, but whatever the case, there are times I feel, I know, that I am a woman-child. My body is old but my spirit young, and as I look into that mirror I see the beauty and terror of life walk the circumference of my view. I feel like a child, and I see the world as one massive play school pen, where aged children play and fight. And than the thought scales my mind - children having children. It boggles my membrane, it truly does. Additionally, has anyone ever bestowed the title of "wise" upon a child? We are delightfully carefree, or either ridiculously selfish, and I don't even know if those two trains of thought are even accurate. And again, a child marrying a child, my poor baffled brain! These two children are a scaled down version of the playpen world around them - will they play or will they fight? Perhaps a bit of both? As I contemplate all of this I am brought back to my Parentage. I accepted the Paternal right of my heavenly Daddy, and I know He is bringing me up well. So, it would make complete sense that my Father would put me with someone who has also accepted Divine Paternal right of our Father. I want to play more so than fight with my life long friend. Amen.  

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