Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Had another poignant moment with a friend this morning. She always drops gems of wisdom that after sometime of holding onto, dissipates in my blood stream and changes the course of my personal narrative. In the course of each male friendship/relationship, I've had something of an imagination as to how things would turn out. Simply put, I had expectations. I was always wanting to get ahead to the next stop in the journey rather than focus on the foot steps of the moment. Unfortunately, I stumbled a lot and I never made it to the next part of the journey. I had expectations, and they were never fulfilled, because truthfully, they were fiction. I struggled with spinning a narrative with the guy I was involved with or was getting to know. Simply put, I was selfish, afraid, self-protective. I was also clueless. I am at times, still clueless, but I am definitely taking more cues from my Beloved. I am no longer rushing into each and every guy situation. I am loving where my 30s are taking me as an individually minded woman. Of course, I still hope. That's to be expected, but I now walk in this moment. In a sense, I've lost the vision of tomorrow.  Amen. 

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