Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This afternoon, I was asked - who do you stand for, yourself or others? After a particularly deep conversation with a coworker this morning, I am left wondering - why am I in the positions that I am? Why am I working in the particular place that I am working at, and why am I living where I am, and why do I know the particular people that I know? And it hit me - I have been placed here. I have been given this assignment, this spiritual posting, and it's not just to affect the people around me, to get on my knees and lift them up into Your Divine presence, but it is also to change me.

My mission is here in this present, where I am called to wade through paper work, cut through legality, speak to the hearts of the people who work in this concrete jungle. And speaking to these hearts, I am Spoken To. I realized I am called to this when this morning, I heard the yearning of my coworker's voice to know You, but not knowing that it is You he desires. Beloved, thank you for taking my hand and walking this land. Amen.  

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