Friday, May 11, 2012

I think I am starting to think along the lines of fellow blogger, The Ruthless Monk, when listening to the lyrical  part of the Christian pop culture, I unintentionally switch to analytical mode. Ever so often the English Lit/Library switch just goes off. On my drive to work this morning, I was tuned into the local Christian vibe, listening in particular to the song by Royal Tailor "Hold me together" and couldn't help but disagree with the lyrics. Maybe I've come a long way in my walk with Jesus lately, but the main idea behind the words, Can you hold me together, Can your love reach down this far, Can you hold me together, Cause without you holding my heart, I'm falling apart, falling apart" just doesn't cut it for me any more.

Hasn't this guy ever read Ezekial 36:26,27? I'm not promised a patchwork heart but a new heart! And yes, I have to ask for that new heart everyday, to fully realize it is truly mine. But the thing is, it's not even my heart - I am promised the heart of my Beloved Jesus. I get His heart, and His heart is definitely not falling apart. But I realize that not everyone is at that point of asking for His heart on a daily basis. There was a time that I did ask that He patchwork my heart, and I was satisfied with the quilt work, and I'd be on my way. However, to ask for a new heart, His heart requires intimacy, and in turn a willing spirit to allow Him to be the Potter and really smooth out those lumps and bumps in our clay-like spirit.

I've come to that place where dear ol' Fanny was when she penned the words, Take the world and give me Jesus, all its joys are but a name, but His love abideth ever, Through eternal years the same. "Through eternal years the same" - before time was marked, I was in the heart of My Beloved Jesus. In a sense, I've stopped falling, I've stopped breaking, and now I am just living and breathing in the heart of my Eternal Lover. Amen! 

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