Sunday, August 19, 2012

Today is our one month anniversary, and we mark it with words gifted to one another. This morning we Skyped, sharing our morning, our silliness and our rather passionate love for one another, and not thinking about the day and its significance, we bid adieu. Ten minutes later, a train of thought occurred and I realized with a gasp that it was our anniversary, and grabbing the cellphone, opened the text option to fire him a "Happy Anniversary", but did not even get that far, when the cellphone began to ring, and picking up the phone, he says with much bravo and tender passion, "Happy Anniversary, I love you!!"

We're on the same page, riding the same wave length. All of it, him and us continues to leave me amazed, blessed and humbled.

It's been a tornado of a month, whirling about us as we stand in the eye of the storm. We're moving constant contradictions, knowing each other forever, yet discovering new surfaces and depths of each other and of our intertwining existences. As perpetual students we are each other's classroom, mapping the landscape of each other's atlas in the corner of those particular rooms. We are forever shifting through the sandbox of love, building castles, discovering hidden treasure, sharing and building together creations, and yet remaking the old to make yet anew.

We're multifaceted. I enjoy delving into the depths of him and I know he enjoys exploring mine. And I am amazed at how God has wrought all of this, created to compliment each other just right, just so. We are living out a life of praise, following Him down a path only He knows, and we praise Him for these moments of the here and now, and leave tomorrows in His capable hands. Amen!

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