Friday, February 10, 2012

A part of The Word that has become an intricate part of my vocabulary and memory is, For you have need of endurance so that after you have done the will of God you will receive the promise (Hebrew 10:36). What I am enduring these days is a testing of faith but also learning to praise and give thanks for what I do not even see. I am beginning to understand the emotions and the vibe of Paul and Silas as they sat chained in a prison, but started to sing praises. I am beginning to understand Abraham as he believed on God to give him a son, yet had no clue as to how He would do it. I am starting to comprehend Daniel, as he humbled himself, confessed himself, to receive an answer as to the meaning of a particularly intense vision that was given to him by God. I am beginning to feel to my bones Jacob's wrestling with Him all the night long.

I read These Words, and I am beginning to feel the words heavy on my bones. The meaning of this fast is beginning to change. I am fasting for clarity, but now I am continuing on until I receive His promise. Amen.

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