Friday, February 3, 2012

Another new heart experience with Him is that He gives me everything. That makes no sense at the moment, so I will rewind and devulge this train of thought. I have come to realize that I am nothing. Nothing is mine, the very matter of my being was not created by me, I cannot lay claim to any "I am"s, even my life and death are not mine. I began because He deemed it, and I will die because this consequence has been passed down through the DNA chain. I have nothing hence I am nothing, and even than the "I am nothing" is not even mine, these are borrowed words to express my state of being.

So when I say He is my Everything, He is literally is my everything. I am here and alive because He deems it. But it's not only because He has deemed it, He desires that I am here and alive. When I speak to Him, He gives me the very words in which to speak words to Him, and His words are power and beauty, mercy and kindess, love and faithfulness, grace and peace. He enables me to speak to Him words, His Words that put the universe into motion, crafted the body and soul of Man, gave up His life at the Cross when He said it is finished, and now, Words that draw me into His very presence as He judges, interceeds and changes me in the Holy of Holies.

I am my Beloved's, and He is mine.

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