Monday, February 27, 2012

The last few weeks have been a slow spiritual atrophy; a break down that was beginning to seriously affect my state of being. I knew He was right beside me, but I was having difficulty with turning to see His face. There was such a great struggle, a struggle that I realize had several key parasitic fractors. 1) My lack of meeting with others for spiritual encouragement was seriously lacking, 2) Because that encouragement was lacking, I filled the void with spiritually lacking amusements that created a vaccuum and the cycle repeated itself.

What broke it? The prayer breakfast I had on Sunday morning brought me into the presence of God's people and their own prayer journey. I know the power of prayer and how it moves in my life, and I know I haven't been seriously tapping into it, and I know that Jesus is wanting me to seriously commit time and energy in pursuing this matter with Him. I have come to know Him intimately, and I know that this initimacey will grow richly deeper. It's time to make the plunge!  

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