Sunday, May 29, 2016

following Him

This is another post about my contemplations of mainstream Christianity. This particular contemplation is a reflection on someone's conversion experience. In all my readings of people turning to Jesus this has got to be the most vague conversion story I've ever read/heard. Okay, maybe vague isn't the right word. Everything revolving around the coming to Jesus bit is based on stories of other people's experience with Christ, or literature of other people coming to Christ. No mention about the Bible or even a glimpse. Maybe I am just used to the Seventh-day Adventist conversion story - much of which is hardcore doctrine/bible study based.

Of course, all of this causes me to reflect on my own self. Firstly, I consider myself a Christian. Secondly, I consider myself a cultural Adventist. There's a lot of things that I observe because it's part of the culture I grew up in. Yet, at the same time, when I meet new people what am I wanting to represent firstly? Christianity or adventism? Anyways, my thoughts...

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