Monday, April 18, 2016

know thy enemy

I've been reading praise about God, the struggles of the individual in their walk with God and just now I am reading a pretty good description of the villainous wicked person (chapter 10). The first thing that pops into my mind is, how does David even know how a wicked person acts. But I realize that he spent quite a bit of time travelling during his running years from Saul, and if I recall he spent a bit of time amongst the enemy during his hiding. But it's the fact that he gives extreme wickedness. It's acts like these that come out of years of slow degradation of a person's character. A person doesn't come murdering out of the womb - there would/should have been a few more wrong choices before that happened.

But David also does something different in this chapter - he creates dialogue between the wicked and God. The wicked does his action and than makes a comment about God, and God is silent, He doesn't respond.

I'll come back to this tomorrow. Food for thought!

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