Wednesday, March 30, 2016

weak of bones and troubled of soul

have mercy on my, o lord, for i am weak; o lord, heal me, for my bones are troubled. my soul is also greatly troubled; but you, o lord - how long? psalms 6:2

In the struggling throes of my walk with Christ, it is good to be reminded that I am weak - not just a reminder to me, but to also include all of humanity in that view. To remember that we walk through life struggling with some aspects of ourselves. To remember that I only see that outside veneer most of the times. It is good to be reminded that my bones trouble me and that my soul is also troubled. It is a good reminder to call on God, but also to know that I am still weak in the presence of God.

Because He is my righteousness, and He is my strength - but nonetheless, I need to remember I am weak of bone and spirit. Amen. 

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