Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It's a grand ol' adventure, right?

Pictures are deceiving. Pictures can be interrupted any way.  The other day, I updated my fb profile and cover pics - I do it because, hey, I like some creative flexibility in my personal branding - and I had many people say that I looked quite happy. Happy more than the normal? I guess....maybe? But the whole happiness factor, I don't buy it. Happiness is a choice, a habit if you will, at least for me. I am more concerned with the fact if I am content, and that comes from being productive.

Moving down here has been a significant mind process. I'm not working, and that's been a mental jigsaw puzzle. I do have quite a bit of free time, and I do have some personal projects that I prepped for this time, and I do get at them, but....I realize I need a significant challenge to propel me forward. So I am learning JavaScript right now. I have no idea where it will get me, but the goal is to get a good working knowledge of the coding.

Each day, I have to tell myself, this is outside the norm, you're really outside your comfort zone - you are in a grand ol' adventure. I am in a time and place for memory making, because I know the only time I will truly enjoy it is when I look back and realize the treasure I already had in front of me and not up the road.

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