Sunday, January 27, 2013

I've always known of the idea that the mind is connected to the body, but it has become more of a reality in the last 3 weeks. This is the year of becoming healthy. This need to be active has been mentally germinating for the last two months. I started joining health groups on Facebook around that time, and reading a bit of literature (aka Livestrong), and realized that I needed to find something that clicks. Group exercises work the best for me. It is a dedicated set time, I don't have to think about the workout process (Just Do It!), and I can focus on my eating habits without being discouraged in the workout routine arena. In the process of getting healthy, one key component has been pivotal to my entire body/mind health routine. Sleep! I desperately need my 8 hours every night. Along the way of acquiring enough sleep, I've realized some habits that, at times, take away my sleep - my tv/online/book binging habits. I've been struggling in this arena, oh, since June. I had been bad habit clean for a year and a half, and than it went downhill. My time with my Father suffered. But it was interesting. My mental/spiritual time was fine for that year and a half, but my physical time did not improve. I believe this is the year where there will be a balance between the two. For this I am thankful to my heavenly Father for getting it through my thick skull this need for balance.

So my prayer this year, seeking God in the physical by praising Him with my workout routines, my sleep and my eating correctly. Amen!

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