Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I haven't done resolutions in a long time, I am not really a goal setter, but this year I figure I'd try something different. Last year was a roller coaster ride, with my biggest prayer being answered and a realization of how beautiful, but oh so difficult the journey had been before that prayer had been answered. I am ready for another beautifully difficult journey, not into my heart this time, but into my body. This is the year of divine physical intervention. I am curious how Jesus being my workout Buddy will "work out", but I expect it to be amazing, and definitely    refining. But besides being being aware of this fleshy temple, I want to work on a few other things:
  • blogging three times a week
  • something artsy fartsy once a week
  • budget, Budget, BUDGET!
  • Ween myself off of CCs!
  • Read everything in my library
  • 7 - 8 hours a day of sleep
  • be moderate in yoga
  • give extra tithe
  • reduce sugar intake
  • learn to treat myself instead of indulging (aka learn restraint)
  • build endurance
  • Get all of my PD courses DONE!
I am aiming to blog about each of the items on my list as the year goes by. I have a lot on my list, but He will be in the midst of this mess :) Happy about that. Amen.

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