Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Break through!

Yesterday was a colliding of ideas that pummelled at the foundation of my wayward travelling. A friend mentioned the cycle of life and how as we get older we have less time to ourselves as we marry, have children, and begin to focus our creative energies towards our spouse and our children. This is good unto itself. Additionally, during class discussion, a student profusely stated his desire to return to his first Love, but was having difficulty returning to that state of being. All of these thoughts of the day came colliding into my present state of being, my fallen state of self, and I looked up and for the first time in months clasped the Hand that reached down, and willingly stood up on the legs He gave me.

These last six months have been a struggle, but now I see it as a transition, albeit a difficult transition. I have never been one who adjusts to long term change gracefully. I often do not recognize a transition until months after the fact, but I do appreciate the lesson learnt when it is revealed. I cannot regret the difficulty in which I transformed my ideas, because out of great struggle comes great beauty. There is now balance. In a sense, this has been a two year journey, and I haven't recognized it as such until the very end.

So, I am going to thank my friend for her words of wisdom, for those droplets of knowledge have awaken me to realize I am leaving my creative single self behind, and moving to the mystery ahead. I will tell my student how to return to that sacred Communion, because I cannot deny a thirsty man Living Water, and I will tell him that praise is vital and why and speaking love back to Him through His words is core to the worship/relationship experience with our First Love.

Thank You Jesus for leading me through the wilderness, through a land of deserts and pits, through a land of drought and the shadow of death, through a land that no one has crossed and no one dwells; that You have brought me to the bountiful land, to eat its fruits and its goodness (Jer 2:6,7). Amen!

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