Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Relational transitioning always provides good analytical fodder. Everybody goes through the transition but it is an experience that can only be understood once one has traversed the path. It's a rite of passage. Those on the other side of the relational fence always say, "When, when, when..." and, of course, it doesn't make sense until the "when" does happen. As the relationship goes forward, moves into the next phase, the two brains involved also have to realign their thinking. Most times they don't think about their "thinking".

My copious thoughts have given me no rest, and I find myself with emotions I haven't felt since I was a teenager/early twentier. The twin-headed gorgon, Doubt and Insecurity have been shaking their snaky locks at me the last couple of days, a demon I thought had been beheaded years ago. Apparently they were holed up in some dusty closet in the inner castle. Their appearance goes to show that the abyss within has had the illusion of being holed up.

I find these emotions childish, but than I take another look at myself and realize I am a Child. All the theory about relationships that I have been packing into my head over the last year or so is now floating to the top of the inner pool. I am finding myself talking me through some mental mind fields as I console and cajole the two inner selves into new thinking patterns. We've gone from theory to practical. In the midst of the transitioning, I just hope no one hears me talking to my selves :P Amen. 

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