Saturday, October 20, 2012

I haven't really written much about my immediate family because they haven't really conflicted with my state of being for quite sometime. They are a brood of extremes, a characteristic that I am trying to deal with by recognizing rather than hiding it away in some closet. But it's bred in my bones. My entire life style is based on extremes. How I go about overcoming habits, is based in extremes. I don't know how to moderate. I honestly don't know if this is something that is nurture-bred or nature-bred. My mental, physical, spiritual and social health is one big pendulum swing.

My week has been stressful. The use of my time is currently being weighed and measured and I am coming up short of breath. This week is all about reassessing my "everything" health, and most of all getting me some serious Jesus to help me sort all of this out. He's helped me in the past and He's already there in the future, and I just need to rewrap my brain around Him in the here and now. BLAH! ...Amen. 

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