Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Once upon a time I thought for myself. The calumniation of my thoughts were for my well being, the pursuit of my happiness, the self consolation of my pain, my discomfort, my disappointments. But now I have grown up, I no longer see half of the mirror. There is now someone right beside me, someone who is a part of me, yet not a part of me. Someone I think about, worry about, wish for, hope for, and really pray for. Someone who unintentionally vexes me and a someone who causes me to pause and reflect on the true root of that vexation.  I feel like we're stepping out of the "honeymoon" stage as some would call it, and stepping into something far more profound. I feel as though something is being lost, yet, something else is being found. I feel like we are gathering up threads, spooling together yarn, to weave, to sew a trailing blanket that will encapsulate us and our children. Will it be woven, will it be quilted? I don't know. In this moment, I feel an urge to pray, and to continue praying till breath leaves my body, and life leave my bones. Pray for me, pray for him...pray for us. Amen

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