Friday, September 7, 2012

Praise is foundational. It is the doorway into His presence and is the atmosphere of His grace. Essentially, praise is the key! I want to praise the Holy Spirit for being my memory when I regularly forget to come to my Father. I want to praise my Father because of His consistent love for me, regardless of my state of being. His love for me encompasses my past, my present and my future. His love for me simply is. I will no longer pray, but I will now praise. For embodied in praise is the motions of awe, of humbleness, of repentance, of almighty power realized and accomplished in the "is", of healing and of rejuvenation. Praise is cyclical. It will loop back and will loop even deeper into self.

Sometimes trekking through a spiritual desert serves the purpose in enhancing and pinpointing a spiritual point more acutely than would living in a spiritual oasis.

Two months ago, before trekking into the desert, I was driving with a friend and began to expound on the beauty of praise and its all encompassing properties. I told her that despite whatever walk anyone is walking with God, anyone can praise and the factors found within praise apply and are accomplished in anyone. It is only now that I understand the vitality of praise. Praise is holding hands with Jesus. When you hold hands with someone, you cannot help but look up into the face of that person.

Praise is found throughout the entire Word, but interestingly enough, praise is relevant on both sides of heaven. The book of Revelation is riddled with praise sessions. In the midst of all the controversy, praise is interlocked throughout the entire book. This praise recognizes the Divine Power, and interestingly enough taps into that power in it's state of humbled vulnerability.

Father, Creator God, and Maker of my belief, Holder of my thoughts, Keeper of my heartbeat, thank You for hearing this heart cry, but also thank You for this exquisitely beautiful point that You have fashioned out of my time in Your well placed desert. Thank You for this gift of realized Praise. Amen!!!

P.S. Praise also factors into faith, praise reveals the depths of His love

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