Saturday, September 29, 2012

A great commotion has been stirring about within the last 24 hours. Emotions are surging up from somewhere and are travelling about my being. I've been mentally check listing all the possibilities and the only thing I am aware of is PMS. I did a bit of digging around. According to one website, PMS use to mean pre-menstrual syndrome, but many women are now complaining of PMS during or after their cycle. The attributes of "terrible crying or laughing" sounds oh so familiar, and mention of depression is ringing a bell as well. The website goes on to mention that outside factors such as not exercising, drinking coffee for example, can influence the heaviness of each bout of PMS. 

The last 24 hours has been a mess of crying, laughing, a questioning of my sanity, a creeping doubt of my self worth, and looking at my boyfriend in particularly strange paradigms outside of my normal thinking. I don't know whether to thank God that it IS Post Menstrual Syndrome or not. Whatever the case, I am just glad that there is some clarity. Amen. 

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