Sunday, February 14, 2010

Most call it Valentines Day, and some are beginning to call it Singles' Awareness Day but I call it God Love's You Day. We are so caught up in the self around this time of year. This day has become the alter unto self, and since love, the foundation of God's self, has been contorted and twisted so terribly, this day could be seen as a sacrilege. So, I chose this day to recommit, re-form, and to remember my relationship with the most wonderful Person during this time. I celebrate the day because He first loved me and today I honour that love.

This year's vow to strengthen my relationship with God:
  • get out of my comfort zone
  • to recognize any threat that will obscure my relationship with God and to remove, while asking Him for strength to do so
  • to evaluate each day my time spent with God
  • to realize and strengthen the aspects that show and tell the testimony of His love for me (that my life is a testimony and how does God work His love through me?)

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