Sunday, April 9, 2017

Where the journey is at

I am going through a process of re-purposing my corporate worship experience. Having attended the same congregation for 18 years, I never really had a following out over any disagreement. There was a maintained status quo all those years. During those years of attendance, I did participate in children, worship, and website divisions and appreciated the growth and understanding of my involvement. These areas weren't necessarily my passion, and so a lot of times as the commitment period ended, I would continue onto a new division/section. A lot of times, I got involved because someone asked and the Spirit moved me. However, having married and moved away, I am finding it incredibly difficult to commit to a church because, now as an adult, I am having to start from scratch and it has been difficult.

I think we were divinely led to our apartment. We moved in only to discover a church right beside us. I needed a social group and found out they had a choir. Initially, I started participating at the church next door because of singing. Yet, at some point I was thinking of quitting. When I focused on the service experience - not just being there and singing, I wanted to stay.

And that's where I am at currently. 

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