Thursday, March 28, 2013

Today, I want to celebrate an amazing Relationship.For so long, I haven't looked back at the path I've travelled and I haven't taken a good look at my travelling Companion. For the last 3 years I have grown emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually exponentially. I've done a lot of forgiving, and apparently forgetting, too. I've also learned that my parents baggage doesn't have to be my baggage, and that my baggage doesn't have to be my childrens'. This relationship with my other half has gone from passionate to deep profoundness as we learn what it means to communicate, love and respect one another.  Through the Grace of Jesus, I am being led down of path of mental and physical self awareness and making gradual life style changes.

Today, I celebrate my amazing Relationship with Jesus. We've come a long way. Amen!


  1. The path of life has taken many turns...each bend brings new oportunity new lessons. Each haradship deepends understanding, each broken piece in healing becomes a strength. Had I not done poorly enough in english to need 091 class at CUC, I don't know if we would have become such fast friends. You are dear to me. I read every one of your posts and am deeply blessed.
    Life as I knew it has changed. Living today is a coming of age, a coming full circle in understanding my self and my life's direction and purpose. And all of this I am reminded by your words, has been woven, painted and sculped by the Mater Mind. So much to say, so many things running deeper than can be adequetly expressed in few words. -I always wanted to be I thought "perhaps be an author." Something switched in me recently, and though my expression of the english language is less than skillful, I have an inner knowing that now, now one day I will be an author. I have been honoured to be blessed your company, and when apart by your kindered spirit.

    1. My dearest sister, I am thankful and have been incredibly blessed by knowing you and hearing of your adventures both in spirit, in body, in mind and socially. You are definitely a writer, and I encourage you to find an outlet for to explore it even more so :) You are in my prayers :) Love you!