Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Spirit of Worship

There's a lot going on in this cranium of mine, at the moment. My life style is perhaps the biggest thought in motion at the moment. I am thinking life style in context to my health - my eating and exercising habits. I am also thinking of my social and spiritual health - my lack of worship and fellowshipping. I have very much been drinking from broken cisterns (Jer. 2:13), for quite a long time now, however, the biggest purposeful change this year is my brain. Yes, I am changing my thought patterns.

I guess I am reorganizing my brain after a nature. I am trying to be purposeful in finding what works and what doesn't. I am trying to find what fits with me, rather than trial and error and just giving up. In the spiritual health spectre, I made a vital discovery this morning. Singing is so crucial to my worship experience; it is the one spectrum of worship that I love and find great pleasure in. Singing to Him calms my soul, brings peace to my being and ushers me into His presence. In other words, singing literary changes my attitude. My I-don't-care attitude has propelled me past my devotionals countless of times.

How is this all revelational? I haven't been singing in my personal time for quite sometime. I had lost my mini-hymn a year ago and never thought to buy a new hymn because I didn't think singing was relevant. But it is, and especially to me. You see, I grew up singing and playing hymns on the piano. Singing, especially hymns, is nostalgic. Singing those hymns is core to my worship experience because it's been there since the beginning of my self-realized relationship with God.

So this morning as I sang, tears began running down my face. Singing brought me back Home, and now singing is the key to my worship experience. Amen. 

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