Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In the fear of the LORD, there is a strong confidence and His children will have a place of refuge ~ Proverbs 14:26

One thing I realized yesterday was my limited time in the day. I get up at 5:00 AM, talk to the BF, get ready for bootcamp, get home, head off to work, go to second job, come home, take my hour walk, talk with the BF for an hour, have family worship and am in bed by 9:00 day is packed. I was lamenting about my schedule last night to my heavenly Father and about the little time I have to spend with Him, and He blatantly told me - "your hour walk is My time". This makes sense. I don't listen to music on my walk, and my thoughts are meandering. So, tonight, I begin my first prayer walk!

On another note, I am contemplating Proverbs 14:26 at the moment. What does In the fear of the LORD mean? Not only what does it mean, but what does one do? I guess by spending time in His presence, it begins to dawn on the individual the immenseness of His Glory, His Power, and His Love. So, I am definitely in need of spending time in His Presence. Amen

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