Sunday, February 10, 2013

Commit your works to the LORD, and your thoughts will be established. ~ Pr. 17:3

Had a soul talk with a long time friend that went till 1:50 AM this morning; a talk that leaves me deeply pondering her life and definitely reflective of my own choices and future choices. First of all, she will be actively in my prayers from now on. Secondly, reflection of current situation and choices leading up to her situation have caused me to reflect on a few questions, like, am I going to be of a generation who'll keep quitting jobs and trying to find the job I like, or will I be part of the generation that will "do what I have do to so I can do what I want to do"? It's making me look at my current/future situation different. What mind set do I need to cultivate to push myself beyond my sabotaging self? Is this what is called, the call of Excellence? Going beyond the immediate gratification to a long term satisfaction? I am directed to the verse above...commit my works to my Jesus, and my thoughts will be established.

This has become evident to me in my footpath to better body health, but now I realize in mind - especially my work mind. What quotes do I need to start putting up around the office to drive me to excellence, His Excellence? Is all this feel-good-push-my-body Facebook stuff just for my body? No! It can also be fashioned for my work, for my home life, for my spirituality, for my relationships. Reminding words are power words, used to propel limbs forward to complete actions.

So today, I am committing my works to You, Jesus, and You promise that my thoughts will be established! Amen!

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