Monday, November 26, 2012

Anger is a good emotion if positively executed. Be angry and change the world, be angry and make the right choices, be angry and look at the stem of that anger. But often times, anger is a by-product of hurt, and so spirals out and hurts the world. I am angry at the moment, but I am perfectly fine with that anger, because it has caused me to wake up, delve in and look at myself. I am starting to look at the choices I have made in the last four months. It takes me a while to adjust to new ideas or situations, but Jesus is always the catalyst to begin the adjustment. In the process of dating the man of my dreams, I have fallen into some not-so-great-habits (courtesy of myself). I've been questing for a reason for those habits, and in my angered state, I have come to a root of the habits. I am still angry, but I now know what to do.  Thank You Jesus! Amen. 

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