Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A year and a half ago, my Beloved called me to a specific prayer for myself and my husband. That prayer has been going back and forth. For months on end I'd pray that prayer and than I'd flounder. And this morning, after speaking to my dear sister, I was strengthened and revived, encouraged and enlightened as to why I need to continue in that prayer. After this latest guy situation, I recognize my thoughts, attitude and actions, and realize he's not intended for me, but I came away enriched and not lacking a friend. For six years, I was sitting on the fence concerning a particular hot topic, and I finally stepped down from that ledge and now willingly go where He is taking me. For the first time, I listened to godly counsel from my mother and valued her words with  willing acceptance. For me, that was a journey.

I know more than anything, I want the complete blessing of my parents with regards to my husband. They raised me to be godly, and I want to honour their actions with my marriage, and I want my husband to thank them for raising me. There's more on the topic but these are my thoughts for the morning. Amen. 

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