Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I am going to say this because I believe it to be true: a loved woman loves well. I am loved beyond well; I am loved deeply by the very Author of Love - now that is romance! But it is a romance not defined by earthly terms, but crafted in the courts of Heaven. I am wooed by a simplistic love that nourishes and strengthens my complex being. Jesus, truly you wrap me in Your Robe of Righteousness, and draw me close into Your presence, this presence You ask me to seek, a Presence that I know I gain strength and courage from (1 Chronicles 16:11). Truly you know the all of me, know my sillinesses, my sins, my shattered self, my longing for a selfless love that a selfish self slanders serially.

And Jesus, each minute of my menial day, You remind me of You, of the journey into Your heart. Amen!

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