Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So, I have been on John 10 for over a month now. Only the Father knows why.

Therefore, My Father loves Me, because I lay down My life that I may take it again. John 10:17

Jesus wasn't just laying down his life, He laid it down because that was the point of His sacrifice but it is an automatic assumption that He would take up His life again. People don't realize that He had to take it up again. Him dying for us and staying dead would have defeated the purpose of His sacrifice in the first place. So, what did Christ really have to loose if He gave up His life?

He sacrificed His life but in vs. 17 and 18 He talks about it being His choice to lay down His life and in the same motion take it up again. If He knew He'd be rising from the grave, what then was the sacrifice? Being separated entirely from the Father? Was that the sacrifice?

So what did it mean for Christ to be separated from the Father for that time period? It would have been the one and only time in the entire history of the Trinity that one of them would be silent. They who are infinite, and Their existence has no beginning or end, would for a short period of time be separated. Fellowshipping between the Three was disrupted.

And the idea that God would taste death. The idea, death is so very based in mortal ideology. Death has become the norm for humanity, so to wrap our heads around the idea that our God "died" willingly is mind boggling. Jesus did not die of old age or was killed as the cross depicts, but while hanging on it, He literally committed His Spirit to the Father. Handing there, He allowed the take over of sin to consum Him, hence the separation from the Father, hence the utter and complete absence of God.

Separation from God was the sacrifice. He felt He would be separated forever from the Father He loved. Felt is an incredibly strong emotion. Yet, Jesus knew (opposed to felt) that He would be connected to the Father again, even though He didn't feel it. He knew because during His time on earth, He and the Father spent every free time together through prayer.

There will come a time when "feeling" Christ's presence will be gone, and because I have built up my relationship with Him, I will know He is still with me. A time in earth's history will arrive when the Spirit will stop striving with man, but Christ will still be present to those who have established Him in their hearts. So from John 10:17 I must lay down my own life for Christ so that I may truly know the love of the Father. Amen

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