Thursday, January 28, 2010

Any daily involvement with God is like imprinting His DNA into my character. In class we talked about memory and how it decays. We also discussed how the reading experience is about one emotion based experience to the next and how in rereadings of a text we try to recapture that emotion. But we can't. When we we come back to the text we've changed; life is progressing through us and it is through that paradigm that we view the text upon our return to it. The text does not change, we do.

Ironically enough this "theory" (or whatever) is readily used in Christian circles. Actually our approach to the Bible is very much in this context, and it really makes me wonder about a whole slew of other heaven related topics. Bu reverting back, the only difference to reading the Bible and secular/spiritual texts is that the Bible always develops, defines and designs us in context to God. Interesting.

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