Monday, October 7, 2013

Listen to Me, you idiot

idiot |ˈidēət
noun informal
   a stupid person.
    Yes, we are all idiots. We are daft, ignorant and quite self-centered and not much knowledge comes out of self-centeredness. The word idiot comes from the Old French via Latin idiota 'ignorant person'. We are particularly idiotic when we refuse to listen to sound advice from others. There are two types of idiots in Isaiah 51, those who realize they are idiots (Listen to Me, you who follow after righteousness, You who seek the LORD 1) and those who refuse to recognize their idioticiness (Listen to Me, My people and give ear to Me, O My nation 4). The word idiot is not a pleasant label and definitely negative, but that's what I feel at times about myself, and at times about people when it comes to knowing Jesus/God. Yet, Jesus doesn't call us idiots, instead He calls us a much nicer word - children, and treats us thus - quietly, tenderly, lovingly, and sometimes sternly. 
    But I will admit I am an idiot at times, because it wakes me up to dysfunctional self and makes me realize I need a saviour. 

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