Thursday, October 6, 2011

I've been reflecting on this phrase of "Seek His Heart". Seeking His Heart in all matters means to give up my own opinions, my own desires, my own options. The adventure in looking is not accepting what He has to say, but desiring, straining to hear what He has to say. Not accepting but desiring after, His words - knowing they are gold, they are pearls, they are life and breath. My intimate daily walk with my Beloved Jesus is absolutely, astoundingly, breath-takingly beautiful. Here is a Man who knows me and when I seek after His heart, His heart reflects back to me my own heart, and ironically, it's condition. But the more I find Him out, look for Him, speak to Him, the more I am beginning to fade. I am disappearing into Him and it is wonderful!! This is what I've always wanted and now I understand how to obtain this Pearl of Great Worth. Amen.

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