Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This morning as I was reflecting on John 20, I realized I've been on the book of John for 4 months. I've come to really know Jesus initimately during this time. He's always been a part of my relationship with the Father, but during these 4 months, He's become a living, breathing, blood-flowing in the flesh person to me. I don't know what it is but there's a stronger connectiveness because of my conversations with Him. I love my Father, and He's become the Parent I've always wanted, but Jesus is becoming my Best Friend, and turning to Him throughout the day is easy.

This morning I asked for distinctiveness in Jesus's love for me. I asked that the love I am reading about, and the love I am thanking Him for be tangible today. I asked that what I was thinking and praying about come into the physical. I say this also in context to my work as well. I know it is a place where He should be glorified, but "knowing" isn't enough. "Doing" has to come out of that "knowing". I am tired of inaction.

So, as I was going about my morning, filing, moving files about, He said to me, "Show them My love." It's still ringing through my ears - Show them My Love. It's so incredibly simple, yet profoundly powerful. He tends to have a habit of that. Now I will be asking myself on a daily basis, "How can I love You?"

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