Friday, January 21, 2011

I am beginning to notice how and what people believe of my heavenly Father. I am seeing a trend of "what you know" rather than "who you know." What is known is flaunted, is paradaded about, hung out like business signs, neon lighted, brushed in bold letters on various signage. But Who is known resonates as a deep gushing cold fountain with in the depths of the soul that one drinks of and says "ah" and is refreshed.  We allow the Living Waters to flow out within, so that no words are said, but movement is seen. In John, when Jesus spoke to the woman at the well, He spoke to her of living water, water that moved. That Living Water, Him, when within us, causes us to move, and to move in currents dictated by Him. Hence, I don't need to say anything about who I Know. In silence, I will allow Him to move me.

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